Mobile generator function, mobile generator use precautions

Generators are an indispensable part of life and manufacturing. A generator is a mechanical device that converts other forms of energy into electrical energy by a certain amount of work. It is mainly composed of power system, control system and shock absorption system. Generators play a very important role in agricultural manufacturing, science and technology, national defense or daily life. Mobile generators are widely used in manufacturing and life. Mobile generators can be operated as backup power sources. In case of circuit failure or unexpected power failure between manufacturing processes, the mobile generator can be quickly started to provide electric energy, to ensure the normal progress of manufacturing and reduce the impact on the manufacturing progress of the enterprise. Secondly, the mobile generator can also be operated as a self-contained power source. For example, in the remote mountain or desert operation station, there is a demand for electric energy supply, the mobile generator can be operated as a self-provided power supply to ensure the continuous supply of electric energy. Mobile generators can also be operated as alternative power sources, and their primary use is to replace inadequate power supplies. In addition, the mobile generator can also be operated as a mobile power source, such as the very familiar electric bicycle is used to move power.

The mobile generator should be in a dry, cool and ventilated area between operating environments. Flammable and explosive objects should not be allowed around the mobile generator. Moisture-proof operation is also required between outdoor operations. In addition, a detailed inspection of the equipment is required before starting the mobile generator. For related accessories, it is necessary to tighten the insulators connected to the line, check the test operation after meeting the relevant requirements, and ensure that no fault can be opened normally. In general, mobile generators need to be serviced every 100 hours. Maintenance requires an oil change, which should be done while the mobile generator is running and cooling. There is a check to supplement the battery electrolyte, so as not to affect the operation of insufficient electrolyte, these operations are to ensure the better operation of the mobile generator routine maintenance.