Mobile generator product characteristics

Humanized design, not only to ensure a high degree of security, but also improve the convenience of use, customer identification can be directly die-cast on the product, the product into the customer's entire environment system. Good ventilation system design and waterproof, anti-splash air system, to ensure that the unit is always working under the appropriate ambient temperature. Mechanical design and shock absorption facilities are adopted to reduce the unit resonance and ensure the balanced operation of the unit. Ultra-low moving chassis, safe brake system, in addition to the design of lifting Settings, make the equipment moving, more convenient when in place, more stable and safe use, each type of mobile power station is equipped with spare tire, for long-term use.

The products have passed the strict wind test, vibration test and temperature rise test to ensure the good operation of the products, stable and reliable performance. The working door on both sides of the outer cover is designed by door, equipped with hydraulic support, easy to open, the unit is more convenient to use and maintain; At the same time, the use of stainless steel door lock, avoid the occurrence of rust after exposure to the sun, increase the weather resistance. Some models are also equipped with vacuum tires to ensure smooth operation of the unit under different road conditions.

Mobile generator series has a variety of structures and functions: hand push type, three wheel, four wheel, automobile power station, trailer power station, mobile low noise power station, mobile container power station, electric engineering truck and so on. The company refers to a number of foreign mobile power station structure, design and production, with good operating performance and safety performance. There are the following configuration options: Traction: the use of movable hook, 180° turntable, flexible steering, easy to operate. (2) Braking: with reliable air brake interface and manual braking system, to ensure driving safety. (3) Support: In order to ensure the stability of the power vehicle operation, it is equipped with 4R mechanical or hydraulic support device. ④ Doors and Windows: there are ventilation Windows in front and a door on both sides for easy access by operators. ⑤ Box size: box size according to the specifications, operators can walk around freely, easy operation and maintenance. Appearance: The coating is made of polymer polyurethane coating, the color can be customized by the user, exhaust pipe exhaust or exhaust, to ensure the appearance. Car appearance text and decoration can be made according to user requirements. ⑦ Fire prevention: the car can be equipped with two fire extinguishers.