Standard configuration of upper wood generator set

Shangchai generator set is powered by "Dongfeng" diesel engine with flexible configuration and good stability, which can meet different requirements of users. Good power performance, large torque reserve, low fuel and oil consumption. Optional diesel engine automatic protection device, can provide parallel and grid connected products. If necessary, the diesel generator unit can also be made into an emergency automatic unit, and the noise unit can be changed into a low noise unit with sound insulation.

Adequate fresh air intake should be provided in the machine room of the upper diesel generator set. The hot air and exhaust ducts should extend outward, the air inlet should be located on the motor side, and the air outlet should be located on the tank side. Comprehensive control measures such as noise reduction and sound insulation should be taken in the equipment room. When the machine room is adjacent to the control room, the generator outlet and cable trench should be close to the distribution room. The storage battery of the upper wood generator set should be near the side of the starter motor, and the upper wood generator set should be arranged horizontally. When limited by the building site, it can be arranged vertically. The wide use of generator sets has improved the power supply conditions and brought convenience to production and life. However, if used improperly, the equipment may be damaged at best, or the equipment may be damaged by fire and personal injury at worst. Therefore, special attention should be paid to safety when using generator sets.

The upper - wood generator set is a kind of power generation equipment, which has the possibility of electric shock. According to relevant data, the frequency of alternating current is 50Hz, under normal circumstances, human body exposure to the voltage below 36V or 20mA below the current will not be life-threatening. The voltage and current are called safe voltage or safe current respectively. When the voltage of the human body is higher than 36V or through a current of 20mA to h, life is in danger. The output voltage of the generator set is 230V or 400V, much higher than 36V, and the current is much higher than 20mA. Therefore, the risk of electric shock while the generator set is running cannot be taken lightly. In addition, the fuel (especially gasoline) of the upper wood generator set is inflammable and explosive, and the improper use of it is easy to cause fire or explosion accidents.

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