Characteristics of the upper wood generator set

The characteristics of the upper wood generator set, integrated crankshaft, gantry type body, flat cutting connecting rod, short piston, compact and reasonable shape, strong matching adaptability, can be interchangeable with the old 135 diesel engine, the use of a new type of neck combustor to increase fuel injection pressure, brush alternator, greatly improve the three leakage, greatly improve the reliability. The upper wood generator set is equipped with J98 and J114b exhaust gas turbocharger, and the platform has strong working ability. At the altitude of 5000m in the plateau area, the power reduction is less than 3%. With the new high vacuum exhaust injection device, vortex German paper filter air filter, low temperature permeable ceramic piston ring, the diesel engine is used in desert or high dust areas, and will not have early wear.

Therefore, when using generator, the following points should be paid special attention when grouping the upper wood generator set: strictly abide by the operating rules. When checking or repairing electrical equipment, cut off the power supply and do not work with live. Operators should wear rubber shoes with good insulation performance, do not go barefoot or wear cloth soled shoes, do not get damp, do not use wet hands to operate the generator set or fiddle with the wire. The generator set should be equipped with a grounding device to ensure that the grounding is good and the grounding resistance is no more than 500. Load output line is well insulated, as far as possible overhead. If it can't be overhead, there should be facilities to prevent people from stepping on it. Installation and maintenance of power supply lines and electrical equipment should be carried out by qualified electricians. When the upper wood generator unit is wet, measures should be taken to dry it before starting operation. Do not use water to clean generators and other electrical equipment. Keep the generator set away from inflammable and explosive materials and at least 1m away from other devices or articles. Do not fill the fuel tank while the generator set is running. When stopping for refueling, the fuel should not be filled or spilled. Do not smoke near the equipment of the upper wood generator set. Do not use sparks or flames. Use place should be well ventilated, dry environment, and rain, sun protection measures. The ground should be flat to avoid fuel overflow in the fuel tank or equipment tipping over. Do not operate gasoline generators in caves or tunnels.

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