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    • Commodity name: Container generator set
    • Commodity ID: 3007

    The container-type diesel generating set manufactured by Tianfa (TF) Co., Ltd. is suitable for all-weather use, rainproof, snowproof, dustproof and antifreeze. It is equipped with a large-capacity unit fuel tank. The high-efficiency shock absorption measures ensure the smooth operation of the unit, and the user-friendly design makes it convenient for users. The soundproof canopy has an observation window and an emergency stop button, which is suitable for large-capacity field work.



    1. Modification of standard 20-foot or 40-foot containers makes the unit more flexible and convenient.

    2. All functions of the standard silent type generating set.

    3. The sound-absorbing cotton and metal perforated plates are arranged around the cabinet and the ceiling.

    4. external industrial muffler, compact structure, good sound-absorbing effect.

    5. The oil supply system, control room, lighting system, and heat dissipation system are arranged in the cabinet, and maintenance space is reserved.

    6. Aluminum alloy with high corrosion resistance, hinged anodized, all bolts and bolts are treated with anti-rust treatment.

    7. The whole machine can be shipped directly, saving logistics costs.

    20-foot container:  800kva ~1250kva

    foot container:  1250kva ~3250kva




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