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Square cabin power station

Square cabin power station

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Combined low noise square cabin power station structure features

Tianfa (TF) manufactures combined low-noise square cabin power station including diesel engine, generator, mounting base, cooling water tank, starting battery pack, shock absorbing rubber mat, combined noise reduction cabin, smoke exhausting device, and daily use. Fuel tank and system integrated control and switch cabinets.

The diesel engine and the generator are integrally connected by a flexible coupling centering, and the input shaft of the diesel flywheel and the generator is transmitted through a coupling. The radiator tank is the radiator of the unit. The diesel engine drives the fan to blow the cold air into the fin gap of the radiator tank, and transfers the heat of the cooling water to the atmosphere to reduce the temperature of the cooling water. The mounting base is a common base for the engine and generator and is constructed as a rigid steel frame. The diesel engine, generator and  radiator are mounted directly on the common base. The noise reduction cabin is the protective cover of the unit and consists of the control cabinet, the power cabin, the air inlet expansion cabin and the air exhaust expansion cabin. The noise reduction cabin has built-in inlet, exhaust muffler and smoke exhausting noise reduction device to reduce the noise propagation under the premise of ensuring the normal ventilation of the unit. A rubber cushion is installed under the base frame of the unit and fixed on the skeleton of the noise reduction cabin floor to prevent the transmission of vibration during the operation and damage to the unit caused by vehicle vibration during transportation. The starter battery pack supplies power to the diesel engine's DC starter motor, and the DC starter motor drives the crankshaft to rotate, causing the diesel engine to start. The starting battery pack is placed on the inner floor of the cabin near the starter motor of the unit and is fixed. The daily fuel tank supplies fuel to the diesel engine. The control switchgear is the unit's control system and power output system assembly, including the start, protection, communication and other functions and the main switch of the unit's power output. The main switch of the power output is the intermediate node that connects the unit to the load.

The combined cabin is designed according to the transportation conditions to meet the transportation conditions of four independent small cabins. After reaching the place of use, it is assembled into a whole, which is greatly convenient for movement and transportation. The four small square cabins are respectively connected by bolts and sealing strips on their corresponding connecting faces, which are control cabinet square cabin, power cabin, air inlet expansion cabin and air exhaust expansion cabin, wherein the control cabinet cabin and power The square cabin is arranged in the lower part of the combined cabin, and the air inlet expansion cabin and the air exhaust expansion cabin are respectively arranged on the top surface of the control cabinet square cabin and the power cabin.

The exhaust pipe and the oil pipe are respectively connected by a flange and a gasket, and the cable is connected by a busbar. The structural design and reliability of the cabin disassembly are fully considered in the structural design.


Square cabin power station  Square cabin power station