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Tianjin Tianfa Power Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has a platform for your dreams to fly: Over the years, the company's senior management has always placed technological innovation, sales innovation, and management innovation at the forefront of all work, and strive to attract people of insight in all aspects.

The company has a superior geographical environment. It is adjacent to the Nancang Expressway extension line in the north. It is less than one kilometer away from the Jin-Ji Expressway and the Jinning Extension Line in the south. This allows the car owners not only easily access all corners of the city but also reach Tianjin’s back garden quickly on weekends to breathe the freshest air; if you are willing to take the subway, the terminal of Line 3 is only 500 meters away from the company, which is the best choice for environmentally friendly office workers.

If you want to have a stable job, please join us: the company has been through the ups and downs since its inception, but we always adhere to the idea that every employee is a family member。


Our team is gentle, simple and extroverted, and we have the following benefits:

1. The five kinds of social insurances and the house fund prescribed by our country. After the trial period, if the labor contract is signed, the five insurances and the house fund during the trial period will be paid according to the policy;

2. Provide a delicious lunch for free;

3. Provide daily transportation subsidies;

4, regular group building activities or make a sightseeing tour or singing or eating. let you have enough energy to fly yourself.

5. Enjoy paid annual leave as prescribed by our country and national statutory holidays.

Come on, let us work together happily. . . . . .