Oilfield solution


Tianfa (TF) provides oilfield primary/backup power generation equipment solutions for oilfield construction equipment and daily life. We can provide a complete set of main/standby power supply equipment for the oil field. From single unit 3-2400KW single unit power supply to multiple generator sets for parallel power transmission, we have suitable product solutions to ensure stable and reliable power output.

According to the special quiet box design of the oilfield project, Tianfa (TF) is designed to handle the harsh weather conditions of the oilfield, so as to maintain efficient and reliable 7*24 hours continuous power supply. The generator set solution of Tianfa (TF) generator set selects the corresponding engine and generator set according to different purposes, and reduces the customer procurement and operation costs under the premise of ensuring efficient power transmission. According to the needs of different customers, our control system can carry various functions, including: self-starting, automatic manual control switching, automatic remote control function, real-time operating parameters of generator set, status monitoring, machine fault alarm, link computer USB fault diagnosis , 50/60HZ switching and so on.





Ability to meet operational needs in different environmental conditions:

1. The altitude is suitable for below 5000 meters, providing reliable power matching scheme according to different altitudes;

2. The lower limit of ambient temperature is -40 C°, and the upper limit is 55 C°. Corresponding effective high and low temperature compensation measures are provided according to different ambient temperatures;

3, outdoor dust, sand, pests and other harsh natural environment, Tianfa oilfield solutions, can provide effective protection measures such as dust and sand collection;

4. Provide large-capacity fuel tank to extend working time, and at the same time increase oil storage tank and automatic fuel supply system to ensure reliable power supply of generator set network power station;

5. According to the infrastructure construction of the oilfield, it can provide a variety of product matching schemes such as open frame, rain cover and silent box.