Special project solution



Tianfa (TF) Co., Ltd. provides various types of power generation equipment transformation and special power generation equipment solutions, such as: self-propelled power generation vehicles, railway locomotives and under-vehicle generator sets, wind turbine generator steering power supplies, vehicle-mounted independent With special applications such as power generators and wind power diesel composite power grids, our company has mastered these special complete solutions after many years of practice. According to different scenarios, different solutions can be combined with finite element analysis and simulation working conditions to ensure efficient and reliable operation of the project.






特殊项目解决方案 特殊项目解决方案


Ability to meet operational needs in different environmental conditions:

1. The altitude is suitable for below 5000 meters, providing reliable power matching scheme according to different altitudes;

2. The lower limit of ambient temperature is -40 C°, and the upper limit is 55 C°. Corresponding effective high and low temperature compensation measures are provided according to different ambient temperatures;

3, outdoor dust, sand, pests and other harsh natural environment, Tianfa special project solutions, can provide effective protection measures such as dust and sand collection;

4. Provide large-capacity fuel tank to extend working time, and at the same time increase oil storage tank and automatic fuel supply system to ensure reliable power supply of generator set network power station;

5. According to the actual situation of the project, it can provide a variety of product matching programs such as open frame, rain cover and silent box.