Company Profile

Tianjin Tianfa Power Equipment Manufactory Co., Ltd(formerly Tianjin Tianfa Diesel Power Equipment Manufactory Co., Ltd.) (hereinafter referred to as Tianfa Com-

-pany or Company) is one of the earliest enterprises in China of producing diesel generator sets and trailer power stations. Since 1960s, we has provided diesel generator sets for

the Chinese People's Liberation Army. With decades of experience in Research and development, design, complete production and maintenance, We have a strong professional

team and we are a professional modern factory for the production of diesel generator sets now.


The “Tianfa” (“TF”) brand diesel generating sets and mobile trailer power station produced by Tianfa Company are well-made, superior in performance, easy to operate, com-

-plete in installation, and have perfect pre-sales and after-sales services. Our products are widely used in troops,mines, railways, oil fields, field engineering, aviation, communica-

-tions, hospitals, high-rise buildings and other important areas, and we have a large number of customers in China.


Our company understands and meets the needs of customers and the needs of social development, and is constantly committed to the development of product technology, inve-

-sting a large amount of funds in the long-term, and constantly improving the level of technology, equipment and modern management. Tianfa's products have won the China

Science Conference Award, the military-to-civilian high-tech award and the Tianjin Quality Product Award, passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, Bring company's quality management in line with international standardization. In recent years, Tianf-

-a Company has accelerated the pace of exploring foreign markets, and our products are exported to overseas countries such as Southeast Asia, Africa, the Middle East, the Europ--ean Union, Russia and other countries and regions. Now we are the OEM factory and agent of many international brands and we have a team of professionals engaged in techni-

-cal research and development, procurement and after-sales service and have won good praise for many years.

For the company's faster and better development, in 2011 we increased the original registered capital from less than 3 million yuan to 20 million yuan, and re-purchased the land

in Beichen Science and Technology Park with the Beichen District plan as an opportunity to build a modern industrial plant. It has injected new vitality into the development of

Tianfa Company.

In 2017, the company successfully restructured, and Zhongman Power Jiangsu Co., Ltd. and other shareholders joined, forming a new shareholding structure company mainly eng-

-aged by natural person shareholders and Zhongman Power, once again embarked on the road of rapid development of enterprises.

At present and in the future, our company will continue to adhere to the business philosophy of "customer first, quality first, reasonable price, abide by the contract" and wholehe-

-artedly provide satisfactory and considerate services to customers at home and abroad.


Tianjin Tianfa Power Equipment Manufactory Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest enterprises in China to produce diesel generator sets and trailer power stations. It is also the first enterprise to develop and produce military power supply vehicles for military equipment. His history has been brilliant, there have been declines, and there have been rebirths after reform.


Tianjin Tianfa Power Generation Equipment Manufactory Co., Ltd. was formerly known as “Tianjin Tianfa Diesel Power Equipment Manufactory Co., Ltd.” was established on September 18, 2001. It was once a diesel power generation equipment factory under the Tianjin Power Generation Equipment Factory. It is a specialized plant for producing diesel power generation equipment under the modern enterprise system.. The history of the production of internal combustion power generation equipment by Tianjin Power Equipment Factory can be traced back to the early 1960s. It is the earliest enterprise to develop weapon sets and mobile trailer power stations for the Chinese People's Liberation Army. It has a history of more than sixty years.. The following is a brief review of the development of our company:


As a professional organization of military power supply vehicles, Tianfa (at that time a diesel power generation equipment branch) became the first company in China to develop military power supply vehicles. It provided the launching power for China's first atomic bomb, hydrogen bomb, satellite, and spacecraft. It was repeatedly commended by the Party Central Committee, the Central Military Commission, and the National Defense Science and Technology Commission. In the 1960s, he developed and produced five kinds of power vehicles, such as 991, 965, 503, 540, and 340, which were the "Red 2" system of the Air Force. They filled the gap of the national power supply vehicle and participated in the successful launch of the missile satellite system. The Central Committee, the State Council, the Central Military Commission, and the National Defense Science and Technology Commission congratulated the Ministry of National Defense Science and Technology and the National Defense Science and Technology Commission as the key production plants for military power vehicles.


With the reduction of military tasks, the company began to develop civilian high-power generator sets. After ten years of development, it gradually formed mass production of 3KW~2000KW series diesel generator sets and 12KW-500 KW mobile trailer power stations.






Entering the 1970s

It has developed and produced a variety of power vehicles of 75 kW and 120 kW for the missiles and anti-aircraft weapon systems of the Second Artillery Corps and the Engineering Corps. In 1978, the 120GT1 power car won the National Science Conference Award.


The company has successively researched the microcomputer-controlled self-starting emergency power station, the 120 kW marine parallel unit, the military 12 kW air-cooled unit, the military 200 kW trailer power station and the domestic first 400 kW trailer power station. In 1996, through the quality inspection of the mechanical inspection team of the Ministry of Machinery, the 75GF15 diesel generator set was continuously tested for 1500 hours of reliability test, and the first batch of reliability certification was obtained.

After nearly ten years of hard work, in 1990, it was awarded the Military-to-People Silver Award by the National Defense Science and Technology Commission, the State Planning Commission, and the State Science and Technology Commission.


Tianjin Power Generation Equipment Factory and Alstom of France jointly produce large-scale hydroelectric generating units. The production process and production layout of diesel power generation equipment are completely closed. The diesel power generation equipment branch is renamed as “Tianjin Power Generation Equipment Factory Diesel Power Equipment Factory”, adopting simulated legal person management, independent accounting.


Tianjin Tianfa Diesel Power Generation Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., controlled by Tianfa Power Generation Equipment Factory, was established. After the establishment of the company, the military has developed a high-prototype trailer power station for high-altitude, high-radiation, anoxic, high-cold, wind-sand environment for the engineering soldiers, and produced high-temperature environment trailer power stations for the UN peacekeeping forces, A trailer power station equipped with automatic artillery was produced for the Pakistani army


Tianjin International Machinery Co., Ltd. acquired the entire share capital of Tianjin Power Generation Equipment Factory in Tianjin Tianfa Diesel Power Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and acquired some natural person shares. Tianfa Diesel Electric Co., Ltd. officially joined the Tianjin International Machinery Co., Ltd. team. According to the market demand, it has developed dozens of varieties such as low tank base open frame type unit, silent type environmental protection unit, silent type environmental protection trailer power station, intelligent automatic unit, 400 kW box power station, 800 kW marine unit and 400 kW automobile power station up to hundreds of specifications.


For the faster and better development of the company, Tianfa Company introduced a new partner, Tianjin North Industrial Co., Ltd., to expand the registered capital to 20 million yuan, forming a 51% holding by Tianjin International Machinery Co., Ltd., Tianfa Company Natural Person Holding 25%, North Industrial Co., Ltd. holds 24% of the three-party joint holding company, and changed its name to Tianjin Tianfa Power Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

In order to expand the scale and achieve the resource allocation, we moved to No. 1 Jingxiang Road, Tianjin Beichen Science and Technology Park, and built a modern factory. The new factory covers an area of 20,000 square meters and has purchased modern processing equipment for the enterprise. It lays a good foundation for large-scale production of enterprises.


The company re-grouped the shares through the listing transfer method, and all the state-owned shares were withdrawn. Zhongman Power Jiangsu Co., Ltd. and natural person Dong Yi became new shareholders.

Tianfa people will continue to carry forward the enterprise spirit of “exploiting and innovating, surpassing self, pursuing excellence, strive for the first place, and seek the development path of enterprises in one challenge after another. 

Production scale

Tianfa (TF) company has accumulated talents. More than half of the employees are engineering design and technical service personnel. They have many years of experience in diesel generator sets. The electrical engineer is responsible for the design and development of the control and operating system covering the entire range of Tianfa's products. The technical control of the unit control panel and monitoring system is continuously improved to meet the automation and long-distance unattended operation requirements of modern generator sets. The mechanical engineers are skilled in the generator set process, using finite element analysis, acoustic and vibration simulation techniques to continuously improve the manufacturing process and operational performance of the Tianfa diesel generator set, and strive to improve the technology of Tianfa generator set. Performance has been continuously improved and improved. The quality inspection engineer is mainly responsible for the quality inspection of the unit. The quality inspection engineer uses advanced data recording and testing equipment to analyze the cooling system, water circulation system, load system, exhaust emission system, force structure, load, noise and vibration of the unit. Strict testing is carried out to ensure that all projects are up to standard, and the Quality Inspection Department also provides a full range of technical support and consulting services.

In recent years, based on the domestic industry market and the inherent regional market, the company has accelerated the pace of opening up foreign markets, and the output of generator sets has increased year by year. In 2012, the company built a new factory in Beichen Science and Technology Park, and purchased advanced processing and testing equipment such as CNC turret punching machine, laser cutting machine, CNC shearing machine, CNC bending machine, automatic load test bench, mobile load test bench, etc. The production capacity of 4,000 generator sets reduces the labor cost and greatly improves the processing technology level of the products. Now the generator sets produced by our company use the engines and generators of international famous brands. The quality, appearance and performance of the complete set of products can be compared with international famous brands.