Transportation solution

Transportation solutionTianfa (TF) provides a comprehensive primary and backup power solution for transportation solutions for transportation sites, from single-unit 3-2400KW single-machine power supply to multiple generator sets in parallel. Whether installed indoors or outdoors, we have the right product solutions, stable and reliable power output, excellent noise and emission control technology, which can guarantee the environmental protection requirements of various regions, and are highly praised by customers.

The intelligent automatic control function of the generator set, the automatic switching system, the main power detection system and the automatic circuit fault identification system can realize the intelligent selection of the start, power generation and power transmission of the generator set when the urban power grid is cut off, and reliably guarantee the power transmission. According to the power supply requirements of different places, we can customize the electricity solution for transportation sites and customize the functions of the intelligent control system, including: self-starting, automatic, manual control switching, main power failure, three remote control functions, generator set Real-time monitoring, machine fault alarm, control system fault self-diagnosis and other functions.


Transportation solution  Transportation solution


It can meet the operational needs of different transportation areas:

1, According to the location of different machine rooms, such as: the basement and other hot and humid, ventilation and heat dissipation is not strong. Tianfa Company can carry out complete circuit and ventilation design, adopting open frame type, remote heat dissipation and condensation tower to facilitate heat dissipation and cooling;

2. The altitude is suitable for below 5000 meters, providing reliable power matching scheme according to different altitudes;

3. The lower limit of ambient temperature is -40 C°, and the upper limit is 55 C°. Corresponding effective high and low temperature compensation measures are provided according to different ambient temperatures;

4. The common production of outdoor dust, sand, pests and other harsh natural environments, Tianfa's transportation solutions can provide effective protection measures such as dust and sand collection;

5. Provide large-capacity fuel tank to extend working time, and at the same time increase oil storage tank and automatic fuel supply system to ensure reliable power supply of generator set;



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