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    • Commodity name: Motorized power car
    • Commodity ID: 3002

    The mobile power vehicle manufactured by Tianfa (TF) is mainly composed of chassis truck, diesel engine unit, control system, silent car body, hydraulic support system, cable retracting system, intake and exhaust air, noise reduction system and exhaust system. 

    According to the user's requirements for the capacity and performance of the diesel generator set, the chassis car with beautiful appearance and excellent performance is selected, and the diesel generator set with high reliability and excellent usability is installed in the standard car to have high sound absorption effect and is suitable for diesel. The silent car in the operation of the generator set is combined into a perfect mobile vehicle power station. The utility model has the advantages of low noise, convenient movement, fast speed and reliable performance, and provides a possibility for the user to realize remote power supply at a long distance, and meets the customer requirements to the utmost extent!


    Square cabin power station Square cabin power station  


    Square cabin power station


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