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    • Commodity name: High pressure type generator set
    • Commodity ID: 6009

    The high-pressure diesel generator set produced by Tianfa (TF) adopts well-known brand engines such as Cummins, Perkins, Deutz, Shangchai, Yuchai, Jichai and Weichai, and complete sets of generators such as ABB, Marathon and Stanford. The high-voltage series produced by the machine is 6300V, 10500V, and other frequencies and voltage levels can be designed according to user requirements.


    The high-voltage generator set produced by Tianfa (TF) is suitable for emergency backup power supply systems such as airports, data centers, metallurgical enterprises, etc. Because the output voltage of the unit is high, the output current is small, and the power loss during power transmission is small, which is suitable for long-distance electric power transmission.


    Characteristics of high-voltage generator sets: Divided into diesel and heavy oil. It has high voltage regulation precision, good dynamic performance and small distortion of voltage waveform. The structure is compact, easy to maintain, low fuel consumption, high cost performance, reliable operation, long service life and good economic performance.


    The use of generator sets: hospitals, hotels, commercial buildings, post and telecommunications, national defense, industrial and mining, transportation and other fields for communications, power lighting and other common and backup power.

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    • High pressure type generator set