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    • Commodity name: Mobile pump unit
    • Commodity ID: 5006

    Tianfa (TF) produces pump set use imported brands Perkins, Deutz, Volvo Penta, joint venture brand Cummins, Japanese Yanmar, Revo and etc as diesel engines, which directly connected with the water pump through the high-elastic couplings or diaphragm coupling, and the self-starting liquid crystal control module realizes automatic control of the diesel pump set. Pumps with different heads and flow rates can be used for customers to choose according to different needs.

    Tianfa pumping set have advanced and reasonable structure, high efficiency, good cavitation performance, low vibration, low noise, stable operation, reliable, convenient assembly and disassembly. Strong performance is a powerful guarantee for customer needs. Based on European technology and its continuous analysis and improvement, Tianfa Mobile Pumping System provides unparalleled and powerful energy efficiency, and is among the best in the world, all of which have passed the certification of national third-party testing institutions. 


    According to the use of the pump unit products, it can be roughly divided into the following types:

    1, for fire emergency backup main pump, known as diesel engine fire pump (this is the most common);

    2, used for engineering purposes, such as pressure testing of pipelines, high temperature water supply, etc.;

    3. It is used for agricultural irrigation in non-power supply areas, and it is called self-priming pump with self-priming and non-blocking diesel engine;



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