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    • Commodity name: Rain cover type generator set
    • Commodity ID: 3005

    The rainproof cover type diesel generator set manufactured by Tianfa (TF) Co., Ltd. meets relevant national standards such as GB2825, and is widely used in power supply places with strict noise requirements such as post and telecommunications, hotels, entertainment, hospitals, schools, high-rise buildings, industrial and mining enterprises, etc. In addition to the various functions of the open-type diesel generator set, the product also has the following features:



    1. The overall design of the unit is compact, small in size and beautiful in appearance.

    2. The box body adopts outdoor type full spray plastic treatment, and the cabinet is waterproof and bad weather resistant.

    3.Efficient noise reduction multi-channel intake and exhaust, air inlet and outlet channels to ensure unit cooling and sufficient power performance.

    4. Large impedance compound silencer.

    5. Large-capacity fuel tank.

    6. a variety of styles to meet the different needs of customers.

    7. There are two maintenance doors at the same time for the unit to be repaired.

    8. Open the observation window and the emergency stop fault button on the cabinet to observe the operation of the unit and stop at the fastest speed when the unit is in an emergency to avoid damage to the unit.



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    • Rain cover type generator set